Here at Back to Life Family Wellness, we know that the body was created to be incredible.  It is our goal to see people get back to the things they enjoy, the potential they have to share, and the Love they have to give.  We want people to get Back to Life.


We also know that the body will always work far better when the nervous system is doing all that it should.  Understanding that all of the nerves in the body come through that axial skeleton means that we can gently adjust the spine and be effective in getting the communication between the brain and the body firing on all cylinders.


Most importantly we know that the doctor only facilitates the healing process.  It is you and your body that will do the healing.  We understand that you know your body, and we look forward to working with you to achieve optimal health.


Finally, we know that God has a plan, and as an old Chiropractor once said:


“I'll move the bone and let God do the healing!”


We look forward to serving you and your family, no matter the age, in any way we can!